Beach Bar Louie


Beach Bar Louie


Louie is compassionate for his love of music. At age 13 he learned to play stand up bass. A few years later the challenge of music progressed into guitar and he took lessons and studied classical guitar at Grossmont College while earning a music teachers certification. Soon afterwards, Louie created a rock group and became a respected recording engineer and studio musician.


Recording engineering then became the pivot at which Louie then studied software engineering at Weber State College and it led to his career for the Air Force as a software developer Contractor. After life as a contractor, Louie returned to his love of music and hasn't looked back.


The main advantages of your experience working with Beach Bar Louie is his kindness, professionalism, and unique talent of guitar playing. Louie has a large versatile selection of songs and will represent your establishment with integrity.

And on request, Louie will learn your favorite songs!


As Beach Bar Louie says: "I expect that you're going to like this next song!"



Louie Writes and Creates a Backing Track App


Has anyone ever wished they had a professional backing track player that can have  Alexa's voice automatically play announcements in between songs and sets while timed lyrics display during track playback. And that can automatically run and manage multiple gigs, with multiple sets and track mixing?


I have one Now for sale that I use in all my performances. I am happy to demonstrate it's features while in Beta version.